Cotonella, l'intimo naturale

Something we, ourself, have always believed in: cotton, comfort and style.

At last, something we, ourselves, have always believed in is what everyone wants today: cotton, comfort and style.

Studio Stilistico

We’ve named it L’Intimo Naturale, the new Cotonella signature line.


At last, for millions of men and women, underwear goes back to being a private matter that has more to do with personal wellbeing and less to do with ostentation. A new ideal that celebrates the beauty of all body shapes and boosts self-acceptance; a new-found confidence fostered by a culture of beauty that embraces character, values and attitudes. We at Cotonella are pleased to be part of this positivity and are convinced that what we choose to wear each morning has naturally a lot to do with our daily wellbeing. We have always believed this and now having become fashionable is just a further, albeit highly satisfactory, seal of recognition.